Benita Soni, the founder of Smiles to Go, has worked in the dental field for over 25 years. She searched for years trying of finding a teeth whitener that did not cause her teeth sensitivity and that was easy to use at home or when she traveled.

Five years ago, Benita decided to create a product that she could not only use without sensitivity but, one that she looked forward to using because it was easy to use. Working with a Canadian pharmacist, she designed Smiles to Go! For the retail market, making it one the most gentle and easy to purchase over the counter.

Her laboratory is in Ontario, Canada and is completely animal-friendly with no animal by-products or animal testing. Smiles to Go Teeth Whitening Gel is made in a very clean environment using clean ingredients with minimal harmful chemical additives. The gel is made in small batches to ensure quality is not compromised and the ingredients are fresh and stable.

She hopes that everyone who uses Smile to Go shares their fresh and brighter smile with others each and every day.

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