Whitening gels work not by ‘bleaching’ the stains off the teeth, but by gently lifting them away. It is the oxygen in the whitening gel that allows for the light frothy bubbles you may see forming on the teeth when you apply the gel. Let these bubbles lift the stain away.Smiles to go uses only distilled water and a low concentration of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide blends formulated with a hint of nature’s  ‘sweet’ cavity fighter Xylitol.  Almost ALL teeth whitening gels on the market today use Alcohol and EDTA as the primary ingredients combined with aspartame and other preservatives.  All which can cause some people sensitivity.


Smiles to Go is easy to use and very gentle to the teeth and gums.  There are no strips or mouth trays, we use a stylish paint brush style applicator that give you full control of where you place the whitening gel.  No gel is wasted and you do not apply it to your gums.  The whitening gel must be applied for 14 days   and 2 x a day, but, only for 60 seconds  at time! You can expect to a see a 1-3 shade change in your teeth.  We recommend that you stay away from staining types of foods during your 14 day treatment to get the best results.


Following the directions and storing your Smiles to Go gel pen in your bathroom cupboard, by your bedside or while travelling; you can easily and gently get the results we promise. Use the our bright white brush tip, to access and reach in between teeth where stain can stick. Once your 14 day treatment is complete, we encourage you to use another pen  to maintain the results by lifting off pesky stains as they accumulate.

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