Can I use Smile to Go if my teeth are sensitive?

Smiles to Go! is a gentle way to whiten your teeth. We have added desensitizers (that are common in most desensitizing toothpaste products) to our gel to help eliminate or reduce the side effects of most other teeth whitening treatments * always check with your dental professional before using any teeth whitening products*

Is this the first teeth whitening treatment/gel on the market that is animal-friendly?

As far as we know, we are the first teeth whitening product to use a combination of whitening gels without using any animal by-products and where we manufacture in a Canadian laboratory where no animals are ever tested on.

Can I use Smiles to Go instead of seeing my dentist for a treatment in the dental office?

Smiles to Go! does not replace a professional teeth whitening treatment nor can we say that you may achieve the same results. We do offer a simple, affordable and gentle product to help you lift some stain off your teeth and achieve a whiter and brighter smile

How long does the whitening pen last?

There are 28 uses in each pen. Thus, using the pen for our advised 2x per day for 14 days will a complete treatment

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