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Benita Soni,  the founder of Smiles to Go has worked in the dental field for over 20 years. As a practicing certified dental assistant in British Columbia, Canada she worked for years with dentists who focused in cosmetic dentistry. Her frustrations with being unable to whiten her own teeth in the office or with drugstore products – due to constant sensitivity- encouraged her to create Smiles to Go!   She knew that product needed to be available and easy to purchase at retail stores, be sold as a cosmetic treatment and give results without having concerns with sensitivity on the her gums and teeth.

It took over 2 years working with a Canadian pharmacist, working in an animal friendly laboratory to stabilize and create a teeth whitening gel that not only fit her needs, but, also gave results. Benita ensures the gel is made in small batches to ensure the quality is not compromised and you will receive fresh results each and every time.

Benita’s personal beliefs continue to push her to work with only non animal derived products, non animal testing laboratories but, also to have products that do not contain an  excess of chemical additives without affecting possible results.  Benita is proud to bring Smiles to Go to  local and international health food, retail stores and dental practices in North America!





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